• BZZZBOX is the pollinator-friendly garden kit for growing amazing flowers, organic food and herbs

About Pollen Nation and the BZZZBOX

POLLEN NATION is a Social Enterprise founded by seasoned horticulturalist and entrepreneur, Corina Ottnad. Using our flagship product, BZZZBOX, Pollen Nation supports local, regional and global pollinator health action plans.

BZZZBOX is the pollinator-friendly garden kit that enables anyone to participate in supporting positive pollinator health by growing amazing flowers, organic food and herbs.

BZZZBOX is currently available for pre-sale to consumers, retailers and wholesalers. Delivery of the BZZZBOX is slated for February 2020, just in time for the Spring growing season.

About the BZZZBOX Pollinator-friendly Garden Kit

The BZZZBOX Pollinator-friendly Garden Kit

What's in the BZZZBOX Pollinator-friendly Garden Kit?

The BZZZBOX Pollinator-friendly Garden Kit includes everything you need to get growing – just add SOIL. Each kit includes:
• Select, ethically-sourced seeds from local wildflower producers
• Illustrated growing instruction & pollinator identification guide

No garden? No problem. The BZZZBOX Pollinator-friendly Garden Kit's modular design makes it the perfect urban growing solution – ideal for decks, patios and balconies.

Our commitment to sustainable solutions

Unlike most planter kits, the BZZZBOX Pollinator-friendly Garden Kit is made of 100% biodegradable Natural Jute.

Advantages of the BZZZBOX Pollinator-friendly Garden Kit  vs plastic containers

100% biodegradable = made of all natural jute burlap fabric, all cotton binding & thread

Breathable fabric = increased root growth = results in more vigorous plants & increased yield

Light coloured fabric = reflects sunlight = keeps soil cooler = increase drought resistance

Our unique square shape

Most planter solutions are round. But, this means greater cost in shipping,

Advantages of BZZZBOX Pollinator-friendly Garden Kit square design vs round containers with a similar foot print

POP UP style = ships flat packed = easy to transport = good to give as a gift

SQUARE container = more soil = retains more moisture = easy to maintain

Stability = more wind resistance = will not blow over and roll off balcony

BZZZBOX Pollinator-friendly Garden Kit - built just for you

Select from three BZZZBOX Pollinator-friendly Garden Kits 

Native Wildflower Garden – An exclusive selection of premium perennial pollinator plants

Rainbow Salad Garden – A fresh mix of vibrant greens with a twist of colourful edible flowers

Herbal Tea Party Garden – A fragrant collection of herbs for brewing refreshing iced teas

When can I get the BZZZBOX Pollinator-friendly Garden Kit?

The BZZZBOX Pollinator-friendly Garden Kit is slated for release in Spring 2020 - just in time for your early gardening activities.