BZZZBOX Native Wildflower Blend

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Carefully curated by our Queen Bee, Corina Ottnad, the BZZZBOX Native Wildflower Blend contains select pollinator-friendly perennials including Lance Leaf Coreopsis, Purple Coneflower, Blanketflower, Bergamot and Yellow Coneflower.

These native perennials thrive in most North American Growing Zones and provide nesting, breeding and feeding habitat for pollinators. 

Gardeners can get the greatest yield from the crop by planting the BZZZBOX Native Wildflower Blend near food crops.

BZZZBOX seeds are locally sourced and hand selected by wildflower farmers – our seeds are organic, not cultivated.

Each package contains approximately 125 premium seeds and covers one square metre. The BZZZBOX Native Wildflower Blend is drought resistant and requires minimal watering once established.